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I feel that I have connected with my calling in life.  

​As a speaker, counsellor, consultant, I get satisfaction from assisting others to connect with themselves in a more meaningful manner.  I am moved when what I have to say has an impact on another.  I am grateful for the communities I have been invited to work with in my speaking and training engagements and with all the people that have shared their lives openly with me.  It is with deep personal regard that I strive to engage with those I encounter.  It is always an honour to have someone share who they are, their fears, their joys and their journey with me.  


Speaking and Training: I have been fortunate over the past decade to work across Canada in First Nation and Aboriginal communities providing facilitator trainings on three youth programs I have developed:  Girl Power, 2BBoys and Fempower.


Counselling: I have a private practice where I work with adults and youth with a short-term strength-based focus.  I have held several social service and EAP contracts since 2001 working in a variety of contexts.  In 2016, I worked with students at Vancouver Island University as one of the mental health counsellors on site. ​


Consulting: I worked with BCTF (BC Teachers Federation) and CPP (Canada Pension Plan) as a Registered Rehabilitation Consultant from 2001-2017 and assisted in vocational and medical rehabilitation work in assisting teachers and other professionals to return to work, or sustain their work assignment, with the assistance of treatments and other supports.  

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