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Fempower is a program that assists young moms to increase their ability to act proactively and responsibly, for themselves and their children. It is a self-care program that provides a mix of education, skill-building, and creativity in a nurturing environment.


Our culture insists women look outside of themselves for strength, wisdom, esteem and guidance – Fempower is focused on the opposite, looking inward. This inner journey will assist young moms in being present for themselves, their children and the generations to come.

Fempower strives to increase self-awareness, communications skills, boundaries, and to create dialogue about the role of being a mom and a parent.  Participants will explore ways to claim a healthy connection to themselves, family and community.

A Program for young moms to increase self-care and kick start empowered parenting, improved self-care, and self-esteem.  Support, education and connection.


The program was piloted in the school system with teen Mom's in Cowichan Valley in the fall of 2013 and at Westbank First Nation in the spring of 2014 with Mom's aged 20-30 years.

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